Black Roses

Posted on Jul 30, 2012

 | top&shorts: Tj Maxx | headwrap: Forever 21 | necklace: Kohl's | sandals: Ross |

I've been very lazy with my hair lately and overall and this outfit just consumes laziness. Basic black tank with shorts and a printed belt. Besides having a fun day at Alex's house my car overheated and I almost died from heat exhausted waiting for my car to be towed. It was literally 90 degrees outside today haha. My mother picked me up and helped me into air conditioning. 

So besides being obsessed with instagram, I've been cleaning out my closet again and searching for outfits to wear to Canada! I'm very excited :). 

Back To the Old Me

Posted on Jul 28, 2012

 |top: Forever 21 | shorts, belt, turban: Goodwill | shoes: MakeMeChic |earrings: Charlotte Russe|

So this is an outfit I wore all the way back in May. Basic simple outfit that I usually wear :). Now I'm off to clean my room because it's beyondddd messy and settle in for a nice read. Might take a couple of hours haha. Have a great weekend guys <3


Posted on Jul 25, 2012

 | top: Tj Maxx | shorts: Forever 21 | bag: Goodwill | necklace: Rue 21 | oxfords: Target | rings: Beya |

Oh oh, you gotta love all white attire. I've always been in love with these shorts and with some light jewelry and my hair out, I thought it added just enough. I love when the weather is clouded like this because my pictures come out so good! I'm actually still trying to figure out my camera with Apeture and ISO and White balance...because I just started yesterday haha. I've been having my camera on Auto since I first bought it, not even bothering to figure out my camera! My poor neglected baby.

P.S. Instagram @olivianoell. :)


Posted on Jul 23, 2012

 | bandeau,necklace: Kohl's | skirt,belt,bag,cardigan: Goodwill | rings: Old Navy | sandals: Traffic |

So I've been coveting and loving bandeaus for a long time now and I've finally find something to wear it with.  I love how pretty this outfit is and how this whole outfit is almost all thrifted! With my hair pinned up in two braids it made me feel quite matronly ha.

Anyway I have another speech to write, some errands to run and some things to do with my mom. So quick post today! Alsoo this college term is over so I have about a week or so of just pure boredom and laziness and a quick time to plan a trip! My mom and I are going to Canada for Caribana! It's a Caribbean festival and hopefully I'll have tons of photos to share. Have a great day guys :)


Posted on Jul 18, 2012

 | top: gitft | leopard belt: Beall's | shorts: Goodwill | necklace: Kohl's |

So yesterday was such a fun day! I went out and rode my bike with Alex at the local Wildlife Preserve and sweated my butt off. Today was clearly a hot hot day but it was fun. We were out there for about an hour and a half and I had a blast! It was good to feel super sore ha. Then we went back to his house and became lazy bums. We went for a swim in his pool and then I came home, gave myself a facial and went to read in bed.

I've been trying to find time to draw and practice sketches but I have no time amazingly! I kind of just realized I'm always doing something! Errands for mom or myself, school, homework, working out, running, reading. I'm still craving a job though. haha.

Well since it was so hot today I went with the crochet type top, which is hard to see because of the sun, and some nice white high waisted shorts. To add some color, I added a leopard belt and I'm finally sporting the necklace I bought a couple of weeks ago. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks so much for my previous post's feedback. You're all so kind :).