Floral Pink & Salmon

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

 | top: Ross | shorts: Forever 21 | cardigan: Cotton On | sunnies, heels: Kohl's |

Well hey guys! It's seems like it's been forever since I've posted. I've had two exams and I've been working, but spring break is here! And isn't it odd that my birthday is coming up on Tuesday and I didn't even remember it? Lol but anyways here's what I wore a couple of weeks back :).

I've been leaning towards these soft pinks, green and blues lately and I'm not sure why haha. If you look at the color scheme of  my wardrobe it literally is all neutrals with the exception of green, blue, pink and other variations of those colors! I tried to be a bit daring with these sunnies today too.

Oooh I just can't wait to relax and blog a bit more! I'm just too excited :). When do you guys have spring break? And I promise I'll be commenting on your blogs, sorry for the neglect :P.

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Tribal Gifts

Posted on Feb 23, 2013

 | leggings: gift | top, bag: Goodwill | shoes: myhotshoes |

Hey hey guys! This was definitely one of those outfits that I just threw on to go to school but I thought it had some potential for cuteness so I took some photos lol. My cousin bought me these leggings for Christmas and I thought I'd pair them with some color instead of neutrals. I was going to wear my beige oxfords but my dog chewed them up! 

On a side note this weekend and week in general has been so tiring! Between having two exams this week which I've been studying all day for, work and blogging and hanging out with friends, I've actually become busy! Lol so much for being a home body and lazying around all day. 

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming giveaway from Urban Philosophy and I hope you guys like my new widget!

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Posted on Feb 21, 2013

Hey hey guys! So I'm sure a few of you have heard of the website Efoxcity . Anywhoo these are the pieces that kind of just caught my eye when I was browsing through their site. I'm so in love with those snake earrings and their floral leggings. And since you guys know my style, I can't even hesitate to get my hands on this pair of green shorts :).

They have a huge huge collection of affordable clothing and jewelry and they have some men's clothing as well. But they definitely specialize is making really cute dresses. They have cheap formal dresses for any occasion and they have unique prom dresses too! I know my friends would've rather had a dress in advance than rushing around trying to find one a week before prom haha. I really loved their Glamorous Collection the best. And besides the fancy dresses they have cocktail dresses under $100 that are so key for a girls night out. They're all so cute and reasonably priced. So go check out their store! I would start off with buying some of their sweaters, too adorable :).


Posted on Feb 17, 2013

 | sweater: Goodwill | shorts: Tj Maxx| tights: Kohl's | boots: Rue 21 |

Haha hey do you like my title...I just had no idea what to call it. To be honest, coming up with titles for my outfits are kind of hard. I'm not sure whether to come up with something creative, use lyrics from a song or just  use whatever I'm wearing and make a title out of that....which is what I just did.

So I broke out these awesome floral tights (that I hardly wear to keep from ripping) just to keep my legs a little warm during this semi-chilly day. Looks a bit monochromatic too with the purple don't your think? I do love this sweater though.

This weekend was pretty busy for me which I'm greatful for! After I came back from my trips, I was already tired but I had to work the next day! Then on Friday I worked a late shift and the next day I worked the busiest morning ever lol. There was a huge sale and people were lined up waiting to come in 3 hours before we opened. So today is my rest, homework and blogging day! How was your weekend?

P.S. I'm glad to say that I'm back in the mood to start blogging regularly now. That trip messed up my whole routine haha.

New In & Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted on Feb 14, 2013

 | Romper: Forever 21 | earrings: gift from Alex | bag: Goodwill | 

Hey guys! So today is Valentine's Day and I decided to wear this for Alex. He always loves when I'm just simple with my hair in a bun or down. Haha he actually hates when I dress up so this casual look is perfect! I bought this romper in New York at their Forever 21 and the earrings are from Alex! 

I just finished making his chocolate chip cookies and now I'm off to straighten my room and pretty much wait  until he gets here! xx

What are your plans for V Day?

New York Pt.2: The City

Posted on Feb 13, 2013

 | top: Forever 21 | scarf: thrifted | boots: Rue 21 | cardigan: Goodwill |

Hey hey guys! So this would've been the day to shoot video but it was just too cold and the blizzard was the next day haha, So! besides being bundled up I have on a basic simple outfit to keep me warm while I went shopping with my cousin Deria. I had no idea that the Forever 21 there was 3 stories! So this was basically a day of sight seeing, shopping, walking and eating a ton of delicious food!

I have loads of homeowork to do guys, other wise I'd go into detail. I'll be commenting on your blogs soon whenever I get some free time! Thanks for all the love :). 

New York Pt.1: IFB Conference

Posted on Feb 10, 2013

Aimee Song!
Tyson Beckford!
My Cousin Deria!
 | top, pants: Boohoo | boots: Kohl's | jewelry: Urban Philosophy | ring: Oasap |

Well hey guys!! I'm finally back from the freezing cold of New York and it was too much fun! The night I flew in I stayed with my cousin Deria in Harlem and had my first experience with the subway. Then of course the next day we were headed off to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference! Oh my goodness I met so many lovely ladies and they were all so gorgeous and dressed up, it was like a dream haha. Every single one of them were too sweet and I enjoyed it 100%! I almost got a photo with Aimee Song, but it came out too blurry that I had to delete it!

But yeah the conference had photo booths, diy, MAC and hair styling booths! They also had the extremely beautiful Tyson Beckford. Atleast I got that photo! Ahh I had so much fun but now I'm back to reality with an exam tomorrow, homework and work. Have a good week guys! Pt. 2 will be up sometime this week :).

Here are all the connections I made from the conference! :):

Gold Accents & Fashion Week!

Posted on Feb 3, 2013

|  Bandeau: Kohl's | Necklace & Arrowhead Bracelet: Ebay | Ring: Oasap |

Hello everyone! Thanks for all of your feedback from my previous post about the NYFW outfits! Lol I deleted it because I just didn't like the way it looks but don't think I didn't appreciate the feedback :). Anyway I just finished packing and now I have a butt load of homework and clothes scattered all over the floor because of my hectic-ness...(if that's even a word). But besides the chaotic last minute shopping to find a winter coat with my mum, I got offered a job interview tomorrow!

Anyway if you've been following my blog for about a year now then you know that I rarely do self portraits. The last time I posted some were back in the summer for my trip to Canada. Ahh I was so afraid to put these photos up!! But I figured whatevaaa, I'm aloud to be a bit risque every once in awhile.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to be posting while I'm there or if I'll even take my laptop with me because I'll be so busy! But of course I'll be a good little blogger when I come back and this blog will be full of photos. Ahh I'm just too grateful for words!! <3

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